Meet Michelle

I’m Michelle, the CEO and Founder of Marvel Marketing. A lot of businesses struggle to attract great customers and don’t realise how easy and inexpensive it is to fix. I help business owners attract their ideal customers and turn them into paying raving loyal customers with my marketing strategies that have helped people around the world to scale their business.

My Story

After 20+ years in the corporate world specialising in sales and marketing, I commenced my own business in 2017…but it wasn’t an easy start. I needed to figure out how to get more paying loyal customers if I was going to survive. So I studied new digital skills I needed to grow my  business and reach more people online, the right people, and combined that with the skills gained from my various corporate roles and owning a number of other businesses. I realised creating more paying loyal customers was something every business needs, so this has now become my area of expertise and I love sharing my strategies with my Clients to help grow their business. 

How my clients benefit

Working with me enables my clients to create a crystal-clear vision for the customer they want to attract. I uncover hidden challenges that they are currently facing in winning new customers and leave them feeling renewed and inspired to finally find their voice, share their message and marvel their target audience turning them into paying raving loyal customers and leverage it for greater success with peace, purpose and impact.

I’ve now turned my business into a multiple 6 figure a year business using these exact strategies and teach others to do the same. If you’d like to take advantage of one of my strategy sessions, let’s talk. I can’t wait to meet you.

Paula Statham

Michelle is an extremely dedicated and talented individual. She is unique to many in management to have owned and managed several successful businesses over varying industries. Her experience in the marketing arena certainly lends well to brand development and market growth. She is adept across all MarComs from events, media, web and social media management.

Suzie Hudson

Having worked with Michelle for 6 years she has been highly successful in creating sales and marketing campaigns, training teams on customer service and supporting our franchisees. It is her genuine desire to serve and give first that comes across so strongly in her relationships.

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